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As a client centric organization, we have been fabricating products Industrial Ovens, Conveyor Type Ovens, Crucible Tilting Furnaces, according to latest technology and trends. Also, we are capable to creating products according to the specifications of our clients. We have a wide client base and try to cater them with most efficient and transparent manner. We prioritize quality as our primary aspect of our business operation. Our endeavor is to create products that are well-versed with latest technology and of high quality. All products have to be judged according to international quality standards, and diversified to cater all segments of modern heat treatment technology. We are a flexible and transparent organization with professional behavior and sales, progressing in the business through flexibility, timeliness and maximum customer satisfaction policy.

Our Vision

Our vision is to create more economic viable solutions in all sectors of modern heat treatment technology. We also endeavor is to create the highest level of environmental integrity and cost competitiveness. We have a strong business sustainability policy and endeavor to preserve and protect our natural resource through eco-friendly business practices.

Our Mission

"To have significant presence in the National & International Market; thereby creating, sustaining and adding stakeholder value through constant innovation."

Quality Assurance

We are a quality conscious organization with fully committed to provide our clients with the international quality products and services. Our products are in compliance with global quality parameters, and also we are continuously improving on our quality management system. We have built a framework, which is clearly stated all necessary quality policies need to be adopted by all departments. This has greatly enhanced awareness among our staff. We have an annual quality target for each project, to evaluate and improve the material value. We have setup an internal environment to check all incoming raw materials, properly review the materials and discard all the defective or substandard materials.

Product Range

We offer our clients with following products:

  • Aluminium Melting & Reverberatory Furnace
  • Aluminum Melting Furnace
  • Annealing Furnace (PIT & Batch Type)
  • Bale Out Aluminium Melting/Holding Fur.
  • Bell Pit Furnaces
  • Billet Reheating,Die Heating Furnace Aging Oven
  • Boggie Hearth Furnaces
  • Boggie Hearth Heavy Structure Normalizing
  • Boggie Hearth Heavy Structure Stress Relieving
  • Brass Melting Furnaces
  • Conveyor Type Ovens
  • Copper & Brass Melting Furnace
  • Crucible Tilting Furnaces
  • Double End & Single Ended Boggie Hearth Indirect
  • Fired Tube Annealing Furnace (2-12TON/BATCH)
  • Furnace
  • Furnace (1TON-300 Ton Indirect Fired Furnaces)
  • Gas Carburising Furnaces

  • Hardening Furnace (Indirect Fired Furnaces)
  • Hot Air Generator Oil Fired For Indirect Heating
  • Hydraullic Tilting Aluminium Melting/ Holding
  • Insustrial Ovens (BAKING & Special Application)
  • ISO -Thermal Hardening& Tempering Furnaces
  • Mar-Quenching Baths
  • Muffle Furnaces
  • Normalising Furnace (BATCH / Continous Type)
  • Petko Furnace
  • Rotary Furnace
  • Rotary Melting Furnaces (AL,COPPER,ZINC)
  • Salt Baths (HARDENING & Tempering Furnaces)
  • Shakher-Hearth Furnaces
  • Skelenar Tilting Furnace
  • Tempering Furnaces (Electric & Oil Fired)
  • Til Ting Furnaces Hydryaulic / Mechanically
  • Tube Annealing Furnaces
  • Wire (M.S.Copper) Pit Type Annealing Furnaces

    The company also deals in following products:

    Multilog Heater, Centrifugal Blowers, Safety Valves, Aging Oven, Diesel Furnace, Nitriding Furnaces, Aluminium Extrusion Plant, Heat Recuperators, Normalizing Furnace, Pressure Regulators, Conveyor Furnaces, Drying Ovens, Billet Heater, Industrial Blowers, Tempering Furnaces, Industrial Chimney, Gas Nitriding Furnace, Industrial Burners, Air Pollution Control Equipment, Direct Gas Fired Oven, Heat Treatment Furnaces, Extrusion Plant, Rotary Furnaces, Heating Furnace, Batch Furnaces, Aluminium Melting Furnace, Forging Furnace, Batch Forging Furnace, Industrial Ovens, Industrial Furnaces, Stainless Steel Fan, Annealing Furnaces, Preheating Furnace, Air Circulating Oven etc.


    Our production unit is equipped with all types of modern machinery to create our products efficiently and quickly. The manufacturing facility is spread over a large area and manned by professionals. We have modern machinery such as plasma cutting, CNC oxyfuel for cutting metals and other necessary equipment. We also give stress on research and development, and continuous improving on product range through our innovative approach. We are capable of manufacturing superior quality products in bulk capacity and provide our clients with the most economic solutions.

    Our Clients

    Over the period of 15 years of operation, we have created our niche in the industry. We have been supplying high quality products to various clients, and our products are appreciated among clients for their superior quality. Moreover, we are an ethical organization with transparent dealing and openness. We deal with our clients in a proper communication and flexible in our approach. Over the years we have established good reputation with number of prominent companies.

    • A.G Pipes (P) Ltd (Faridabad)
    • Agro Engineering Works. (Faridabad)
    • Ahresty India Pvt. Ltd. (Bawal Ind. Area Rewari)
    • Ang Industries Ltd. (Faridabad)
    • Blue Pricision Ltd (Faridabad)
    • Century Metal Recycling Pvt. Ltd (Faridabad)
    • Century Nf Casting (Faridabad)
    • Ceratech India (Ghaziabad)
    • Dee Devlopment Engineers Ltd. (Palwal)
    • Eco Auto Component Ltd. (Faridabad)
    • Escorts Constructions Equipment Ltd. (Faridabd)
    • Frick India Ltd. (Faridabad)
    • Himalaya Export Pvt. Ltd. (Faridabad)
    • Indian Core Oil (P) Ltd (Faridabad)
    • Marsh Associates Pvt. Ltd. Imt. Manesar (Gurgaon)
    • Mass Wire Pvt. Ltd. (Bhiwadi)
    • New Allenberry Works (Faridabad)
    • Oswal Electrical Pvt. Ltd. (Faridabad)
    • Sirroco Pressings Pvt Ltd.
    • The Risabh Valveleen India Limited (Haridwar)
    • Ufi Filter India Ltd. (BAWAL Ind, Area Rewari)