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Company Profile

Operated from Faridabad, Haryana (India), we, HB Industries are a well-established manufacturer, and supplier of various kinds of Copper And Brass Melting Furnace, furnace eg, electric furnace, holding furnace monolithic, tilting furnace and many others. We were founded in the year 2000 and since then supplying our clients with proper products and services. We have been supplying to products to various reputed clients such as Jindal Steel, Surya Roshn, Asian Tubes and others. We cater to wide variety of industries such as power & energy, chemical research, petroleum & gas engineering, extraction solutions and many others. We emphasize on research and development and known for our innovative solutions.

Our Clients

Over the years we have established good reputation with number of prominent companies.

  • A.G Pipes (P) Ltd (Faridabad)
  • Agro Engineering Works. (Faridabad)
  • Ahresty India Pvt. Ltd. (Bawal Ind. Area Rewari)
  • Ang Industries Ltd. (Faridabad)
  • Blue Pricision Ltd (Faridabad)
  • Century Metal Recycling Pvt. Ltd (Faridabad)
  • Century Nf Casting (Faridabad)
  • Ceratech India (Ghaziabad)
  • Dee Devlopment Engineers Ltd. (Palwal)
  • Eco Auto Component Ltd. (Faridabad)
  • Escorts Constructions Equipment Ltd. (Faridabd)
  • Frick India Ltd. (Faridabad)
  • Himalaya Export Pvt. Ltd. (Faridabad)
  • Indian Core Oil (P) Ltd (Faridabad)
  • Marsh Associates Pvt. Ltd. Imt. Manesar (Gurgaon)
  • Mass Wire Pvt. Ltd. (Bhiwadi)
  • New Allenberry Works (Faridabad)
  • Oswal Electrical Pvt. Ltd. (Faridabad)
  • Sirroco Pressings Pvt Ltd.
  • The Risabh Valveleen India Limited (Haridwar)
  • Ufi Filter India Ltd. (BAWAL Ind, Area Rewari)

Product Range

We, HB Industries are a well-known company involved in various kinds of furnace. We supply products to various industries including power & energy, chemical industry, petroleum and gas engineering, steel and many others. Our products are fabricated after thorough research on technology and innovation. We offer these products within a competitive price range.

  • Aluminium Melting & Reverberatory Furnace
  • Aluminum Melting Furnace
  • Annealing Furnace (PIT & Batch Type)
  • Bale Out Aluminium Melting/Holding Fur.
  • Bell Pit Furnaces
  • Billet Reheating,Die Heating Furnace Aging Oven
  • Boggie Hearth Furnaces
  • Boggie Hearth Heavy Structure Normalizing
  • Boggie Hearth Heavy Structure Stress Relieving
  • Brass Melting Furnaces
  • Conveyor Type Ovens
  • Copper & Brass Melting Furnace
  • Crucible Tilting Furnaces
  • Double End & Single Ended Boggie Hearth Indirect
  • Fired Tube Annealing Furnace (2-12TON/BATCH)
  • Furnace
  • Furnace (1TON-300 Ton Indirect Fired Furnaces)
  • Gas Carburising Furnaces

  • Hardening Furnace (Indirect Fired Furnaces)
  • Hot Air Generator Oil Fired For Indirect Heating
  • Hydraullic Tilting Aluminium Melting/ Holding
  • Insustrial Ovens (BAKING & Special Application)
  • ISO -Thermal Hardening& Tempering Furnaces
  • Mar-Quenching Baths
  • Muffle Furnaces
  • Normalising Furnace (BATCH / Continous Type)
  • Petko Furnace
  • Rotary Furnace
  • Rotary Melting Furnaces (AL,COPPER,ZINC)
  • Salt Baths (HARDENING & Tempering Furnaces)
  • Shakher-Hearth Furnaces
  • Skelenar Tilting Furnace
  • Tempering Furnaces (Electric & Oil Fired)
  • Til Ting Furnaces Hydryaulic / Mechanically
  • Tube Annealing Furnaces
  • Wire (M.S.Copper) Pit Type Annealing Furnaces

Primary Competitive Advantages

As an innovative organization, our strongest emphasize on proper research and development and come up with innovative solutions. Our solutions are economic viable for most of the clients and create products that are highly competitive in terms of pricing. Our products are supplied to various industries including power and energy, petroleum, steel and others. Some of the salient features of our business are as follows:
  • Wide client base
  • Proper emphasize on research and development
  • Total quality assurance
  • Competitive pricing

Key Facts

Nature of Business

Manufacturer, Supplier

Year of Establishment


No. of Employees


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Andhra Bank

Annual Turnover

Rs. 1 Crores

No. of Engineers